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Top-tier employees are looking beyond their paycheques for workplace satisfaction.

Inspired by our mission to create better workplaces, we created Purpose Benefits to help support the people who make your business thrive. That’s something we care about and work towards every day.

And we’re seeing results. We’ve seen how a purposeful employee benefits solution, focused on the unique needs of the company creates thriving workplaces and happy people. Group benefits for employees make a difference beyond the 9-5. We’re seeing better outcomes at work, at home and in our communities.

Let us put our Purpose to work for you.


You’ve got great people, but how do you keep them?  Retaining talent is a top priority for leading edge employers, and group benefits for employees is an impactful strategy.  A thoughtfully designed total rewards program gives workplaces a distinct competitive advantage. When surveyed, employees indicate they value more than just a paycheque from their work. It’s about thriving personally and professionally, and having their well-being supported by their employer. 

Here are some of the benefits top employees are seeking…

Flexible options


Additionally, a noteworthy percentage of these Canadian employees say they’re significantly more likely to leave their current employer for another role offering better benefits. According to a new survey by RBC Insurance Services Inc, these age groups are likely to make the change for better benefits.

AGED 18 TO 34
AGED 35 TO 44



Define Your Purpose

Create an employee benefits philosophy to define the goals of your program

Create Annual Action Plan

Itemize and prioritize the work we are doing together

Program Evaluation & Data Analytics

A data driven approach using claims analysis, benchmarking and industry insights all serve to help ensure your program structure properly supports your benefits philosophy

Vendor Management

Annual renewal negotiation and plan marketing as necessary

Total Rewards Communications

We’ve worked hard together to make sure you have the right plan at the right price, let us help you communicate the value of these programs to your employees


JACQUI CLIFTON Director of Client Experiences/Partner

Jacqui believes that the world of benefits shouldn’t be complicated and confusing. She helps bring clarity and confidence to our clients. Jacqui helps employers and employees understand the value of their benefits offerings. Her passion is to build PURPOSE into your benefits plan.

CHRIS DAY Director of Business Development/Future Partner

Chris brings over 25 years of experience in relationship and growth business. Starting in the Canadian Army, he then ventured into entrepreneurship as the owner of a recycling services company. This progressed into a role in the internet and telecommunications industry.  Chris has recently taken on a key position at Purpose Benefits, where he looks forward to becoming a proud shareholder and integral part of the client service and growth team.

NATALIE KOOS Director of Analytics /Partner

In a world where data-driven decisions are imperative, Natalie stands out as a beacon of accuracy. Her attention to detail goes beyond the surface, delving into nuances that might escape the untrained eye. With a background in finance and a specialized focus on benefits analytics, Natalie brings a unique blend of skills and acumen to the table. Her commitment to accuracy instills confidence in our clients to help drive better business decisions.

Kristen Zacharias Account Manager

Kristen brings more than ten years of extensive experience in group benefits to our boutique team. She’s passionate about crafting customized, innovative solutions and delivering outstanding service to our clients. As an Account Manager, Kristen is key to ensuring our clients’ success and happiness. With her wealth of experience, she tackles challenging accounts with strategic thinking and a dedication to excellence.

MATT AUBREY Founder/Chief Purpose Officer

Inspired by a desire to bring a positive impact to employers and employees alike, Matt created Purpose Benefits…a place to thrive, inspire and make an impact on peoples lives. His dedication to positive leadership, commitment to service, and people-first solutions has inspired a loyal following of happy clients. Based in Calgary Alberta, his years of experience continues to benefit all those who get the chance to work with him.

“People devote a lot of time to their work – let’s make that time better.”

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